Man in Wood

Man in Wood
chapter - Eva and Ade

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Nadine at the cork film festival 2008
Sunday 19th | 5.00pm | Triskel Arts


Ian Simpson
England | 2006 | 127mins | Beta | Black & White
Nadine, a teenage girl who is a regular self-harmer, is subjected to a hostile mother, an abusive stepfather, a drug addicted boyfriend and crude sexual violence from the locals. She lives on a desolate council estate surrounded by nature where she finds occasional solace. However, the profound weight of indifference, injustice and cruelty proves too much for Nadine whose life falls into a rapid downward spiral.

With its imposing tower blocks, unflinching close ups and emotionally naked performances Nadine makes for challenging viewing but Simpson imbues the intensity with an artistic sensibility. The monochrome has a painterly quality with muted reds seeping up from the screen. The writing is honest and there is beauty in the tower block where it’s set, rising out like a sleeping giant as a green area nestles near by. It’s a harsh world that Simpson portrays – or, as Nadine says: It’s a horrible world – but he achieves such an intimacy with the characters and there’s plenty of poetry to be found amongst the heartache. Strong performances are coaxed from the young cast but none as powerful as Lisa Jane Gregory’s.

Producer Michael Adesioye

Leading Players Lisa Jane Gregory, Abdoulie Mboob, Michael De’Sioye, Paul Slater, Hannah De’Sioye

Photography Steve Downer

Script Ian Simpson

Editor Martin Frederic Kahn

Music Sebastian Bach

Print Source

Corona Cork Film Festival, Emmet House, Emmet Place, Cork, Ireland | E, | T + 353 21 4271711 | F +353 21 4275945

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