Man in Wood

Man in Wood
chapter - Eva and Ade

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Ian Simpson- A short biography


Born in Balham south London on 1st December 1967.

After studying at a polytechnic for media and film studies Ian Simpson worked as an assistant to chief documentary editor Jane Val Baker at the BBC. In 1989 as part of the BBC British Art Week, Ian Simpson assisted the Scottish contemporary sculptor David Mac.

Throughout the 1990’s he work in several different fields- in Television, Pop Videos, for companies such as 3D Productions and Hard Metal Films. In 1991 Ian Simpson made his first short film ‘Ingredients’, a visual poem exploring such themes as loss, violence, eroticism, birth and death in an ode to cinema.

Several short experimental super 8 and 16mm projects followed, before independently directing and producing a documentary on the popular hip- hop group the Fugees.

Another short ‘Actress’ was shot in late 1999 with the Parisian production Mic Mac, a wry and vicious comedy about an Actresses love affair with her co-star.

2000 brought Ian Simpson first feature film ‘Toothache’ A.KA ‘Rage De Dent’ a bitter satirical comedy following a group of bored middle class artist and their troubles in love during a weekend in Paris. Starring Julie Depardieu, Ludivine Sagnier, and Marc Barbe, Toothache was produced by Arte France cinema and Mic Mac productions.
 Ian Simpson second feature ‘Nadine’ was shot in September 2006. The film follows a teenage self-harmer who suffers regular abuse from the locals and her family.  Nadine premiered at the Odyssee Cinema Strasbourg in July 2007 as part of british cycle of films with Ken Loachs ‘The wind that shakes the barley’ and Stephan Frears ‘The Queen’. It was also shown in competion at Ghent film festival and Cork film festival. 

‘i am Kombi’ (2012) a documentary directed by Claudia Marschal for France Television was co-written by Ian Simpson.  His third feature ‘Man in Wood’ is currently in production.

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