Man in Wood

Man in Wood
chapter - Eva and Ade

Monday, 7 June 2010

In 2006 I shot my 2nd feature with a cast of mainly non-professionals. The film was Nadine. Nadine tells a story of a teenage girl who is a regular self-harmer, subjected to a hostile mother, a sexual abusive stepfather, a drug addicted boyfriend and violence attacks from the locals who all live on a desolate council estate surrounded by the beauty of nature where Nadine finds occasional solace. However, the profound weight of indifference, injustice and cruelty finally proves too much or Nadine who’s life enters a rapid downward spiral.
The film was shot on a shoestring budget in 18 days.

The performance of Lisa Jane Gregory amongst others is a joy to behold. I was also lucky enough to work with the experience and two times Emmy Director of Photography Steve Downer who captures the natural environment superbly.

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