Man in Wood

Man in Wood
chapter - Eva and Ade

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Films

(Comedy - Color - 75mn - France - 2002)
Written and Directed by Ian Simpson
Produced by Eric Margolis
Executive Producer Hervé Pennequin
Mic Mac - Arte France Cinéma
Starring Marc Barbé, Ludivine Sagnier, Julie Depardieu, Oliver Milburn, Sophie Renoir

(Drama - B&W - 75mn - UK - 2008)
Written, Directed and Produced by Ian Simpson
Executive Producer Michael De'Sioye
Matchstix Productions
Starring Lisa Jane Gregory, Abdoule Mboob, Lucy Flack, Doris Zajer, Michael De'Sioye, Paul Slater

(Drama - Expected to be shot in fall 2010)
A woman wakes up from a nightmare involving a sexual encounter with a decomposed corpse in an isolated mountain cottage. An old hotel houses a dead spirit of her mother and the rotting carcass of a goatlike animal while a jukebox inexplicably plays her favored childhood pop songs. These are but a taste of the twisted insides that make up artist/filmmaker Ian Simpson's next horror-tinged outing, Man in Wood.

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